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Hey, Matt Theriault here...

I hold this event because I’m tired of seeing smart real estate investors struggle because they don’t have the specific tools, resources and systems needed to quit their day job, grow their own business and achieve financial independence. 
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  • How to ensure you are talking to motivated sellers, before you waste your precious time, and have droves of motivated sellers to talk with every single week
  • An easy offer writing solution to get more houses under contract with the same number of leads (and have property owners happier because they requested to move ahead with you)
  • A simple, yet highly effective method that virtually eliminates ALL of your risk in real estate
  • The guts of analyzing a house to see if it is worth your efforts (and how to do this in minutes so you can move fast onto the next deal if this one would be a time vampire sucking your time away without any promise of profits)
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  • Little tricks of how you present your offers that get them accepted up to 50% more often
  • What long time successful real estate investors do that makes them successful that others who aren’t quite there yet have failed to uncover (once you learn this it’s easy pickings and you can have floods of properties under contract in days, not months)
  • Done-for-you solutions which put your business on steroids and forces it to grow whether you are trying to or not
  • Little-known yet highly effective methods other investors are using to build their investing businesses and succeed at higher levels
  • How to maximize profits in minimum time (Do this and you’ll find yourself hopping on the financial gravy train for the rest of your investing career)
  • Exact step-by-step solutions to automate the heavy lifting in your business so you can enjoy more profits with less time working
  • How to adapt to today’s shifting market and profit while you’re competition is scratching their head trying to figure out “what happened?”
  • A simple strategy that anyone can follow to escape the rat race once and for all so they can enjoy the most active years of their life while they’re still young enough to enjoy it.
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Early Bird PRICE
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  • 3 Day Live Intensive
    Epic Fast Formula
  • Epic Freedom (FREE Book)
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One Time Payment
  • 3 Day Live Intensive
    Epic Fast Formula
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The Day Before... (Nov. 1)
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Epic Inner Circle Mastermind (VIP Only)
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Grub n' Grow Rich - Millionaire Mixer

Day 1 (Nov. 2) [9:00-5:00 PM]
Preparing for Mass Production
Acquisition Ammunition
Creative Financing Part 1
Seller Sniping

Day 2 (Nov. 3) [9:00-5:00 PM]
Under-the-Radar Deal Reveals
Creative Financing Part 2
Ninja Negotiating - Jeff Garner (Special Guest)
Double Barrel Deal Analysis

Day 3 (Nov. 4) [9:00-5:00 PM]
Raising Private Money
Creative Financing Part 3
Automation Activation
Delegation Simplification
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